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Requesting a Letter of Support from the Reentry Coalition

Please submit the request form to the Reentry Coalition (philareentrycoalition@gmail.comat least 3 weeks before the Letter of Support is due. The request will be reviewed by the Letter of Support Request Review committee made up of members of the Funding Subcommittee, and the Coalition’s Steering Committee, and we will let you know within 7 business days if we will provide the Letter of Support, at which point we will provide you a letter, inserting the details you provide on this form into our template letter. We ask that if the Coalition does provide a Letter of Support for your application, that you confirm whether the funding is received.


The criteria for which the Letter of Support request will be reviewed include:

  • The applicant must be a Philadelphia Reentry Coalition member that attends Coalition meetings or participates in the work of the Coalition in a meaningful way.

  • Proposal aligns with the mission of the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition, and the Home for Good collective action plan.

  • Proposal explicitly includes partnerships with other agencies and organizations, if there are opportunities to do so.

  • Applicant identifies how proposed work benefits the Coalition (leveraging resources for other stakeholders’ benefit, sharing information or lessons learned, etc), and/or benefits from the Coalition, if applicable.

Please note:

  • A letter of support from the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition does not represent support or commitment from the City of Philadelphia.

  • The Philadelphia Reentry Coalition may provide letters of support to multiple applicants pursuing the same funding opportunity.

Letter of Support Request Form:

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