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Reentry Career Services Catalog

The Philadelphia Reentry Career Services Catalog will collect and manage highly detailed information about the career-related services offered by Reentry Coalition member programs, including employment, education, training, or other workforce development support. This will:

  1. Enable practitioners to better differentiate who does what and for whom, to make more individualized referrals for people seeking career- or employment- related services.

  2. Deepen our understanding of the full landscape of career- or employment-related reentry services in Philadelphia.

  3. Be a repository for reentry program info that will be distributed to other local databases and directories, eliminating the need for Coalition members, who complete the survey, to go through the process of updating information on their services in multiple places.

To add your reentry program to this database, please complete this survey. You can reach out to Kierra Nocho with questions.

To access a tutorial on how to filter, group, and sort through the Catalog please click here:

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